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Nestleroth Dorpers

Production Oriented, Quality Assured

Our Dorpers started in 2000 and are now a quality fullblood and purebred breeding flock.  Foundation bloodlines were introduced from Riverwood Farms, Ohio; Crane Creek Dorpers, Iowa; and E Zee Acres, Alberta, Canada.

The Dorper breed was developed in South Africa in the 1930-40s by crossing the Blackhead Persian, a fat-tailed desert sheep, with the Horned Dorset, a wooled breed. They were then introduced into the United States in the mid 1990s. Blackhead Persians are known for their hardiness, thriftiness, adaptability, pigmentation, hair covering, and remarkable fertility. The traits of Horned Dorsets include out of season breeding and fast-growing, heavily-muscled lambs which yield very satisfactory economic returns under a variety of environmental conditions. For more information on the Dorper Breed, visit

Our flock is a Pennsylvania voluntary Scrapie Free flock since 2006.   In addition, a strong selection has been placed in our flock to develop the "R" factor at Codon 171.  This is a goal we are now achieving without sacrificing quality.

While many of our rams and ewes are sold direct to producers, we also market our genetics through the Penn State Livestock Evaluation Center in August of each year.

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Herdsire of 2015 Lambs

Mufasa RF 5687

(QR son of RF 5150)

Dorper Ram named Mufasa
2012 International Champion Ram at NAILE.
Joint owned with Gerald Tracy Dorpers

Herdsires of the Ewe Flock

Nick RF 4658                                                  Lucas BRF 4964 

(RR son of RF 4368)                                                                                      (RR son of RF 4333)        
Dorper Ram named Nick        Dorper ram named Lucas

Other sires are: Sam CCD 607S (QR son of CCD 145P), Steve CCD 373P (QR son of BRF 1898), & CCD 80501 (son of Kaya 051386)